With over 21 years of experience, we are extremely qualified to complete any project, large or small. Upon receiving my degree in Civil Engineering in 1994, I pursued the career in the surveying field.  Experience includes working with a private company for four years, then moving to a survey crew at NCDOT for six years.  While there, I obtained my surveying license and Carolina Cornerstone was created in 2000.
Carolina Cornerstone Surveying
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Why Survey Costs Vary

The surveyor's fee will include the time to search for the deeds or court records, locate the physical boundary lines, make the necessary computations to check the boundary, place appropriate markers on the property, and prepare the survey map.

The cost will vary because of the missing corner evidence, disputed boundary lines, rough terrain, heavy underbrush, poor land descriptions in the deed, and travel time to and from the property.

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