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When is a Survey required?

You will probably require the services of a land surveyor only a few times during your life, unless your business involves land use in some way.  The need usually arises when you buy a house, a lot, or a larger tract of land.  If you are a Lawyer, Engineer, Architect, Realtor, Developer, or work for a utility company or any state or local government agency, then you will probably need the services of a Professional Land Surveyor.  

Before title to land is conveyed, it is desirable to have an adequate description of the property for the deed, including an accurate determination of the acreage.  It is also important to know if there are any physical features or title overlaps which might constitute encroachments, or in some other way adversely affect the title to land.  Only an up-to-date survey, by a Professional Land Surveyor, can give you this information.

Most North Carolina cities and counties have subdivision procedures which must be followed.  For any subdivision, the Surveyor can work with you to prepare the required maps.  The Surveyor can explain the requirements of the local subdivision ordinance and assist you in getting the necessary approvals for your development.

Before land is improved by constructing fences, drives, walls, or buildings, it is desirable to know the location of. the property corners and boundaries. Using the services of a Surveyor, for staking and grading the locations of the improvements, avoids encroachments upon adjoining property and possible litigation at a later date.